St Mark's 2018 Annual Reports


Annual Meeting Agenda

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1.  2017 Annual Meeting Minutes:  2017 Meeting Minutes.pdf

2.. Father Michael's Report:  Rector-annual-report.pdf

3.  Acolytes:  Acolytes.pdf

4.  Altar Guild:  Altar-guild-report.pdf

5.  Buildings and Grounds:  Building-and-grounds.pdf

6.  Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors:  Euch-ministers-lectors.pdf

7.  Investment Committee:  investment-committee.pdf

8:   Love in a Dish:  Love-in-a-dish.pdf

9.   Music Minister:  minister report.pdf

10. Stewardship Report:  Stewardship-report.pdf

11.Treasurer Report:   Ask for Copy from Thomas Simson

12. Ushers:  Usher-report.pdf

13. Warden's Report:  Wardens-report.pdf


Vestry Candidates